Regardless of how simple or elaborate your affair is, you being the host have the pleasure of creating that special environment for your guests to disappear in. We will sit with you F.I.T. gala at Cipriani'sand ask many questions of your likes and dislikes relating to both interior design and decorating. How best to go about completing your dream based on budget and availability.

Utilizing your venue space and what is existing will help to pick out those special accoutrements, such as fabric, linens, containers, candles, lighting and more. As you know, just doing a fabulous floral environment may not be enough. Do we need to incorporate furniture, props, lighting and other elements to create that special environment that says YOU. This is most exciting and for us as well. tis the time for you to shine in front of all your guests. Once we reach that point of design confidence, we create a sample environment in the form of a table for your perusal. This meeting is where as one, we work together to fine tune perfection and make any changes as you seem fit.