With Sviba at your side, tension and anxiety are put to rest. Immediately a team effort with YOU at the helm, is achieved. We understand that you need our expertise to guide you and give you ideas, but first we need to know what you are about. We will ask numerous questions & help; concerning likes, dislikes and dreams that have kept you company since conception. With this being accomplished and you truly enjoying the process, we gently bring in “the how do we do this” factor.

We, if timing permits, like to meet at the venue, allowing us to compare your ideas with the existing interior design. How does the space relate with what you are trying to create. Together we will tackle combinations of entrance, accoutrements, linens, lighting and more. Of course when we think it is perfect, we will do a sample in the form of a complete dinner table as to get closer to perfection and eliminating any hesitation.

The importance of timing, working with the venue and other vendors, so that art and conception meet, help is always part of the total design. With this being said, a beautiful, well executed event is accomplished with harmony and the event. We use this appointment as a working session, gathering your feedback and collaborating with you to take it to the next level for the actual event.