Corporate Events

Sviba understands environments and creativity. Our clients come to us knowing we embellish an event dictated by purpose and objectivity.

Our initial meeting will encompass subject and direction. To what purpose and mindset are we decorating for. How do we go about accomplishing these steps and does it represent the company correctly.

It is Sviba’s intention to do this and surpass all obligations to design and service. Doing this, allows the client to focus on their purpose and that alone.

For those clients that have a history with Sviba,  a brief phone call with an email stating needs is all that is required at this juncture, for it is in our nature to understand our clients and their methodology, allowing us to just…..create correctly.

The beauty of corporate design, is that along with beauty, creativity and team work, – is the underlying knowledge that a specific statement and look is required.  This requires knowledge of combining all forms of mediums to accomplish a statement, an ability that Sviba is extremely proud of.