Wedding Planning

Our brides as we so lovingly put it, remind us of the blessing and honor given us. It is equally important to Sviba, encouraging us to create more beauty. Sviba’s wedding packages are fully integrated to include ceremony and reception decorative needs.

Upon meeting, straight away, we ask, what is it you want to say, or what impression do you want your guests to perceive. From bouquets to chuppahs to table settings, – Sviba will worry about the details so you can enjoy your special day!

It is during that meeting we instill a very important concept and that is that Sviba is there for you ALWAYS.  Weddings are very personal, tending to make even the stongest of personalities very stressed….our job is to relieve that stress and turn it around into a fun and exciting adventure.  Little details that make Sviba different from their counterparts, such as taking you through the market to see, touch and feel everything that possibly can be a part of your design.  Nothing within your design should be cloned and each table can vary a little creating room movement and beauty

That nothing is in stone during the process of creating and determining the design along with your budget….is constantly reiterated and planted in your mind.  We expect changes of the heart and that revising paperwork is just part of the process.   Most important….one of us must be there during your wedding, instilling comfort, trust and that all is perfect and will be perfect.