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His name is John Benke, Catering Sales Manager of all the Starwood venues in New York City.  We have had the pleasure of working with John off an on for over 10 years and have rekindled our relationship….well mostly based on professionalism,… the same song, if you will, we talk about throughout the blogs.

Of course it’s nice to show fabulous events, which are actually coming up soon with John, by the by, – and as you can see from the photos, we have worked in the various venues for a very long time.  The W’s, the Westin and so forth, continually do social  business because of – Mr. John Benke.  A gentleman and sweetheart, whom the clientele love to death.  When we all, (the vendors) do an event with John, there is never any friction…and if there is a situation, it’s fixed professionally and the client never knows anything other then the expected “WOW”.  

It can truly get diversified working with John and his clientele at the “W’s”, because the venues lend themselves to almost every period or form of design.  For example, check out these photos of this exceptionally happy bride.
John will probably kill me for posting these photos of him, but I thought he looked rather handsome!

Now a few photos of the master at work and her sidekick.  This is a rarity, for Cathy hates to be photographed and rather spend her time designing and making the client happy, calm and at peace.  You will notice how hard the sidekick is working!  Would you believe our daughter Molly has been to almost every affair since birth…she has better ballroom and kitchen etiquette than most professionals – the reason why the chefs always feed her.

What made this wedding decor so special, at least in our eyes, was the use of a birch trunk finished with fabulous assorted orchids, succulents and mosses.  Truly a “to die for” look at the W Union.  Our trade mark, which is to have each table vary ever so slightly from the next, creating true beauty and room movement.

Again, we switch over to the W NY uptown with a totally different look, yet again modern and elegant with Mr. Benke at the helm.  This was an elegant Bar Mitzvah, where varying orchids, grasses, moss, bamboo was the palette and in keeping with the modern look of the W NY.

Feel free to enjoy the gallery below!!




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