Racquet and Tennis Club

So i was on the phone with John Samayoa, Club House manager of the infamous but very private Racquet and Tennis Club on Park Avenue uptown.  This club i have to say is exquisite in it’s traditional decor and whose clientele, shall we say, are…well, different.  With that being said, lets go back to the phone call.  So we begin with the standard lets do lunch, hows the family….how’s business.  We trade some sighs, wishful thinking and immediately start reminiscing about when events were events.  Of course i got his permission to show a few photos of some of our finer “doings” and how pleasant it always is even with all the “stuff” we bring into the designs, everything just flows.  So, my good friend, it is definitely time for a bite again and chew the fat a tad.

Oh, I almost forgot the large center table for cocktails.  The work is fabulous, don’t get me wrong, but this room is what makes our work truly stand out.  So again John, thanks for your support for the clients still send us emails saying this and that….and that makes it worth it all.

Feel free to enjoy the gallery below!!

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