WEP – Women’s Education Project

 WEP – Womens Education Project – Helping women of limited means discover their unlimited potential.

WEP is a nonprofit dedicated to helping young women succeed in higher education and careers. We have a  number of events and projects throughout the year to raise money for our three centers in India.

A direct quote from an organization who honored us in helping them with a simple orchid planting celebrating Mays Flowers.

On May 10th, 2012, the WEP organization held an event called  May Flowers held at Pera Soho. They gave us the opportunity to meet some outstanding professionals like Ms. Zoe Timms, Executive Director and Ms. Aubrey Clark a rather hard-working necessity in the hierarchy that allows WEP to function.

Again, when professionals, such as these get together and become a force….hope is returned for the betterment of this world and her inhabitants.


  1. Zoe Timms
    Zoe Timms May 17, 2012 at 9:33 am . Reply

    Thank you Cathy and Barry of Sviba for your generous, not to mention, gorgeous, orchid donation to Women’s Education Project’s 2nd Thursdays event, “May Flowers.” Guests came to celebrate May, flowers, Mother’s Day, and to provide $21 a month, to support one WEP student in higher education for one year!

    Your orchid was the highlight of the evening. Our guests loved entering a raffle to win the Mother’s Day orchid and our winner’s mother is even happier! Thank you!

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