The Catskills – home of the Destination weddings favorite event and wedding venues

Where to begin.  Here in the Catskill Mountains,  tucked into the most gorgeous,   majestic locations with views that take your breath away are resorts, spas, mansions, retreats and more. Some of these places are “just” farms, outfitted with lodgings for your guests, huge barns and tents….it’s better then in the movies. Now Cathy and I have the pleasure of working at most of them, so i am just going to pick from the hat and start that way and hope no ones feelings get hurt. But each and every one of these places has something that the other doesn’t, obviously making it different, but by no means less!! So, I will start with the The Emerson, a culmination of spa, resort, restaurants,and more. Here Ms. Marcilene Smith, who is the Wedding & Event Planner, a very pretty and adorable young lady who knows her stuff. Look at some of the work we’ve done together. And….she is a dog lover. Anyone who know us, understands that reference. Down the road a little, is the Onteora Mountain House with some of the most majestic views I have ever seen. The Onteora is a B & B also, which means accommodations for the families. Mr. Bob McBroom, owner, manager and a gentleman to the core with a demeanor I have ever come across. 

Their home, which is the center of attraction is breathtaking, with extreme emphasis on landscaping.  The pavilion where outside events are held, is just a few steps away from the house, where cocktails are sometimes held and quite comfy if i may add. Further up the road, an earthy retreat called Full Moon that does weddings, group retreats, music camps and more…and if you speak with either Ms. Melanie Warner  or Ms. Lindsay Kendrick, managers who keep everything running smooth, you will definitely fall in love with this paradise.


They as well have accommodations, excellent menus to choose from, not to mention various locations to have your ceremony and a beautiful tent for your reception. Further west towards Rhinebeck on Route 9 in Staatsburg, the Belvedere Mansion…one of the prettiest Victorian mansions we have ever visited and worked in.  Ms. Jill Knell, manager of catering more or less, runs this estate, for it has accommodations, elegant dining, beautiful landscapes and gorgeous facilities for weddings.

Feel free to enjoy the gallery below!!

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