Liz Walker & Gideon Frisbee Wedding

A long-awaited happy day has come and gone…but the memories of the making of this happy day will last for a long time.

The key here is that this wonderful couple made our daughter part of their family, was always patient, listened to all she had to say and just enjoyed each others company.  When told they were going to get married…their was but only one  path to take, which was to do their wedding in a way that went beyond their dreams and we pray we did that for them.  That it was held at Maple Shade Farm, once a part of the Frisbee’s lands, now owned by Abby and Jay Wilson and just fabulous people.   We saw a definite karma here, for the Wilson’s we learned are a wonderful family who keep an immaculate farm perfect for our industry, events and weddings – go figure!

So here we are with a few photos, not as many as we wish to have had…we were to busy doing decor, but enough to give you a visual of a beautiful bride, wedding and location.  Click on the photos and you will get the full view…have fun.


C, B and Moo

Feel free to enjoy the gallery below!!









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