Anna Ng and Joseph Pellegrino wedding

Anna and JoeThere is always, at least one thing that separates all these fabulous weddings that Sviba Anna's ladiesDecorators is blessed with and when trying to put it down on paper with pen, one must pause and look for that truly one thing, (or two, sometimes) that separates us all.  I have been at it on Facebook and the website since 6:00 a.m. and now it’s BLOG time.

So, how is this handsome and sweet couple different….they seem to have a touch of all the wonderful characteristics of a client an artist can hope for.  Makes it easy on the writing down part, for they never ceased to amaze either Cathy or myself and especially John Benke.  John and I used to talk about you two all the time wishing life could be so simple and blessed and so easeeeeeeeeee.  So you see it seems, being nice on both sides pays off, artists go the extra distance and clients are thankful.

Sviba Foral Decorators was recommended to us by our wedding planner, John Benke, and we could not be more pleased with the results!  Barry and Cathy provided a low stress, no pressure,  environment to plan our arrangements for the big day.  They were very receptive to our desire to achieve a look that not only had traditional elements but also combined them with those from the orient.  This made our arrangements not just decorative, but also symbolic of the two families that were being brought together.  This achieved something more beautiful, and therefore meaningful, than could be done with either look separately.  Sviba not only provided us with just the right look, but they provided on-site assistance to touch up arrangements throughout our day.  Our best man kept breaking his boutonniere, but thanks to Barry it never showed in our photos!  Our linens were beautiful and the seat covers looked even better than we had hoped.  Our special day was perfect, and a large part of that was due to to efforts of Sviba Floral Decorators!
Thanks for everything!
-Joe & Anna

such beautiful children....who stole the show!These wonderful words came to us and I have been holding them for the right time to blog…and that time is now.  As you can see in their commentary, they needed a combination of cultures, styles that would blend in with the extreme modern design of the The Westin New York at Times Square.  Their ceremony was on one floor, cocktails on the 9th floor in the fabulous “Atrium”, with dinner,  on yet again, another floor.  Piece of cake!

Sviba Decorators does have a history of being asked to create Victorian, English garden and  designs that include old props and ones that need to be designed and built by yours truly.  But on this day, Oriental, Italian, modern, etherial, with a touch of island came together and made one big “wow”.  The wedding actually had us standing back and looking at the finished statement and going, wow, that really came out nice.  Admitedly, using cut glass, bamboo, various orchids, fauna, gorgeous rocks, assorted natural mosses and more does not always say, “look at me”, but on this day, it screamed to be looked at and scrutanized.  Even the little touches of gorgeous linens, seat covers finished with sashes was to die for.  I should be quiet now…..

In short, Sviba Decorators thanks Anna and Joseph for their trust in us and in allowing us to be artists on this most special day in their lives.  We will miss you, but never forget you and only wish the best for you both.


Cathy and Barry

Feel free to enjoy the gallery below from both Jo Von Photography and Sviba Decorators!!

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