Learning about “blogging”

Catskill NaturalThis is for ourselves  –  “Welcome to the world of blogging”.  Cathy is a pure artist and really doesn’t enjoy banging away at the computer, so i am the delegated typist.  You should see her over my shoulder dictating what is and what isn’t right…..yes there are those times where i turn around and think loudly, “then you do it”, but I know better.

So with that being said and done, we are open to all creative suggestions, help and critiques from our fellow friends, associates, colleagues and anyone else who has polite and helpful criticism.

We are reaching out to all professionals who take their craft, art, position, status in general serious,….whatever they have learned in the art of service and not become just servants to their so-called client.  That it is important to create and as a team, so that some fortunate somebody, firm, group of people benefit from those talents.

Have at it friends and collegues….have a blast!

Cathy & Barry

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